Sometimes all you need is a plan on

how to create your adventuress life

90 in 90 Adventuress Package

Here’s your down and dirty, kicking up dirt in your path package. The is is for the adventuress that wants adventure and wants it now. You are at the end of your rope trying to figure out how to regain more adventure in your life. You have no idea how to make some of your desires a priority with your busy life, but you realize that you need this more than ever before.

This is where YOU make the rules about what you want your life to look like.

Here’s where we recreate what your life looks like to make it one of adventure, doing what you love with your life all while making your life one of impact, meaningful contribution and purpose.

You love adventure, people, and want to make a greater impact in the world. You know that you are meant to live a life of adventure and help change people’s lives in a big way. I am here to help you do just that.

It’s time to get going on your adventure!

We all have different needs, interests, desires for our lives. We custom build your adventurous life. Everyone’s journey will look a little different depending on what you want to get out of our work together. We look at your life currently, and then custom build in the desired goals you have for your life. We do this without turning your life upside down. We take the time that is needed to make changes and reach goals in your life.

I get it! Change can be scary, but also liberating. It’s time to stand in the face of fear and liberate your life.

This is a collaborative approach. We work together to look at the areas of your life that you want to change and come together with how to make these changes. I am here for you as a guide, support and mentor. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, but to give you insights and thoughts about how you can make your life more in alignment to who you are.

This is where YOU make the rules about what you want your life to look like.

Here’s our adventure together:

  • We have a ninety minute intensive together to really dig into a plan for the next ninety days on how you are going to get your amazing self moving from a place of putting everything and everyone first to prioritizing what is REALLY important in your life.
  • We sit down and look at what your life looks like now and what you would like it to look like in ninety days. We then look at what gets in the way of living that life now and work on working how to step past these challenges. Remember, you are going to need to do some adjusting.
  • We then look at how to make you a priority in your life. Lastly, we devise a plan that will realistically work with your life to add more adventure and YOU into your life. We start from day 1 and create a plan for how the next ninety days will look, so by the end of the ninety days, you will be where you set out for.


Here’s how our session will work:


First 15 minutes of getting to know each other, spending a little time talking about where you are in your life right now.
15-35 min talking about what your life looks like now, what you would like to see different in ninety days, and what gets in the way of that.
35-55 min working on problem solving what gets in the way of prioritizing you and adventure in your life, and coming up with workable solutions
55-75 min devising a twelve week plan for what you will be doing on a weekly basis to reach your goals.
75-90 min recap, conclusion about how and what you will work on and any last thoughts or questions.​

The investment of this package can deducted from the cost of any of the other packages offered.

Investment $350

If you’re ready for your new adventure, start it here!

If you’re not sure, feel free to stick around and check out my blog here!

I am so honored you’re here and that you are making yourself a priority in your life to reclaim the amazing woman

I have been lucky enough to have spent some time with Kristin.

Before talking with Kristin, my business was feeling overwhelming to me, things were not working to how I had planned.
I was in a semi relationship, that was consuming me.
And my direction going forward was quite muddled.
Kristin has given me some great pointers to help me manage my confusing working/life balance. Relationship hurdle
and which direction to work towards.

1st thing which was needed was to look for one small thing to change at a time, this was brilliant advice, as I work through
this I am able to clear the stuff that absorbs my mind, that is blocking my business flow.
2nd listening to my gut, de clutter my mind of stresses I do not need to worry about.
3 – Show up for my clients – be there

With the time that I have spent with Kristin, has really helped me make some quite big changes and I have nearly done with the current decluttering of my mind, and I do feel I am back on track with my goals and direction on where I wan to take my business and personal life.

If you are in a place of not sure where you next step is, or if you are feeling overwhelmed with how your current life is progressing. I would definitely recommend that you arrange a time to talk with Kristin. Kristin has a beautiful nature and very easy to speak and open up to. Nicki Malcolm, NZ

Contact me here for a half hour consultation to start on a plan and direction for your life!

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Need another reason to work together??


Because my business is all about helping fabulous women like you, gain a more purposeful life, it is my goal to help as many people as possible to live beautiful lives. I am doing this by donating ten percent of all my services towards charity for women and girls of your choice.You will receive a personal thank you and show you how you were able to help other women!