Here’s where you pursue unshakable confidence to reclaim the woman you once were.

Reclaim the Adventuress Package

Adventure starts on the inside before it happens on the outside.

It’s time to reclaim that woman that brazen woman that is excited for life and adventure. You remember her, but you don’t know how to get back to that woman that you once were.

You are now stuck in a never ending list of expectations, none of which put you as priority
You really look yourself in the mirror and notice the spark and excitement for life has faded from your face.
You’re not even sure that you’re cut out to be a strong, adventurous woman again.


Life situations may have changed, and perhaps you have changed right along with them, BUT, that does not mean that you have to continue being this woman that doesn’t resemble who you actually are.

I believe that deep down, at our core, we are all capable of changing for the better.

This is what I believe about you. This is about being real and knowing that you can make real change in how you see yourself, your mindset, convictions and outlook on life.

It takes real, honest courage to look at yourself, and what you need in order to reclaim this confident woman.

The good news is that because it was once part of you, it is still inside you. You can’t lose it, even though it feels that way. The real you is wanting to come out. Give it a chance and you will see that your true self will bounce back with perhaps even more vigor than before.

This is where you reclaim that woman. This is where your fears and self-doubt take a back seat and YOU start living as the confident woman that you are.

It all starts with building the confidence to REALLY start living your life. It all starts here.

To get back to this confident woman, we will work on being courageous, strong and living with conviction. You can lead a life

Your fears are an illusion to keep you living mundane life. You are meant for more!

Here’s our adventure together:

  • We look at what confidence means and looks to you
  • We identify areas of yourself that you need to work on to become more confident
  • We look at how your self-doubts, fears play a role in your confidence
  • We work on how how to not feel guilty prioritizing you in your life
  • We work on what’s holding you back from doing things
  • We work on moving past your self-doubts and fears
  • We identify and work on what you need to make yourself excited for life again.
  • We look at what your life would look living with more confidence
  • We work on getting your current life aligned with the confident you.
  • We work on how to take care of yourself and support yourself through this work.
  • Lastly, we decide on an adventure you take on that will ingrain your courage, strength, and confidence that we have been working on. We work on this little by little in each session and then have action items to work on in between session. This is meant to be fun but also challenging. This also should be something attainable that you know with some work, you can achieve.

What’s Included:

  • Six months of one on one individual coaching to really get you to a place you are proud of in your life
  • Twice monthly calls lasting one hour
  • Email support between sessions
  • Private Facebook page so we can all support each other with the amazing things we are doing in our lives
  • Welcome packet with extra goodies to kick start your new adventure
  • Workbook with everything you need to support the work that you are doing


If you’re ready for your new adventure, start it here!

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I am so honored you’re here and that you are making yourself a priority in your life to reclaim the amazing woman that you are!

Kristin has a great positive approach. Working with her helped me get clear on the steps I needed to take in order to continue the success of my marriage, during a time that I sat in fear. She helped me look at some positions I had in more than black and white. With a new perspective, I am able to communicate much more effectively and have more accountability. This has helped in my work to gain more positive and effective communication with my husband. She is. Breath of fresh air.” Julia King, Methuen, MA

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Because my business is all about helping fabulous women like you, gain a more purposeful life, it is my goal to help as many people as possible to live beautiful lives. I am doing this by donating ten percent of all my services towards charity for women and girls of your choice.You will receive a personal thank you and show you how you were able to help other women!