This is the first podcast of The Brazen Adventuress. The sound quality is a little off for this first episode but stay tuned, there will more episodes, with better sound quality. 

The podcast is all about elevating ourselves as women through adventure. We will be talking about how adventuring helps us become a stronger, and more resilient version of ourselves. The episodes will be about how we can all learn how to overcome fears, challenges and bring what we learn in the outdoors into our daily lives. It is also about how we can elevate each other as women, creating more purpose and joy in our own lives and those around us. 

The podcast will be interview format, but if you have topics you want discussed, I am happy to do a podcast on specific topics. I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

It will be uploaded on Itunes, Tune In Radio and Stitcher right here, and on my Facebook page, The Brazen Adventuress. 

Episode 2: How to Hike Like A Woman


Episode 1: Empower, Inspire and Dream Big Through Adventure


        Episode 3: Listening to Yourself, Following Your Dreams, Overcoming Fear and Giving along the way!