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Kristin has a great positive approach. Working with her helped me get clear on the steps I needed to take in order to continue the success of my marriage, during a time that I sat in fear. She helped me look at some positions I had in more than black and white. With a new perspective, I am able to communicate much more effectively and have more accountability. This has helped in my work to gain more positive and effective communication with my husband. She is. Breath of fresh air  Julia King, Methuen, MA


Kristin is a true professional who knows her stuff! She helped offer valuable insight and was also a great sounding board. She not only has coaching experience to offer, but her years of experience in counseling her clients also helped add an additional layer and perspective most coaches don’t have. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares and is dedicated to helping her clients grow personally and professional then look no further  !Lucia Nazarro, CT.


I have been lucky enough to have spent some time with Kristin.Before talking with Kristin, my business was feeling overwhelming to me, things were not working to how I had planned. I was in a semi relationship, that was consuming me.And my direction going forward was quite muddled.Kristin has given me some great pointers to help me manage my confusing working/life balance. Relationship hurdle and which direction to work towards.


1st thing which was needed was to look for one small thing to change at a time, this was brilliant advice, as I work through this I am able to clear the stuff that absorbs my mind, that is blocking my business flow.2nd listening to my gut, de clutter my mind of stresses I do not need to worry about. 3 – Show up for my clients – be there


With the time that I have spent with Kristin, has really helped me make some quite big changes and I have nearly done with the current de cluttering of my mind, and I do feel I am back on track with my goals and direction on where I want to take my business and personal life.


If you are in a place of not sure where you next step is, or if you are feeling overwhelmed with how your current life is progressing Iwould definitely recommend that you arrange a time to talk with Kristin. Kristin has a beautiful nature and very easy to speak and open up to.   Nicki Malcolm, NZ


Before the coaching session, I felt confused about aspects of my life, which paths to follow and was stressed and got depressed about things. This definitely improved following the session. Rather than telling me specifically what path to take, Kristin helped me with techniques to help work this out for myself. This was useful as it’s a skill I can use for life. I felt confident about moving forward and making decisions. Even though i didn’t yet know about what path is was going to take, I felt more confident with a plan and techniques we discussed.


I would recommend Kristin to anyone really, I found her very easy to speak to, and get relaxed immediately. As a fellow mother, I would definitely recommend her to other mums, just because she can really empathise. I feel much calmer and confident having the tools in my kit that Kristin went through with me. A very valuable lesson that will last for life  Hannah Thorton, UK


Kristin is a delightful person. She has the experience and training to help get the creative juices flowing. Her listening skills are superb which is a breathe of fresh air. I enjoyed that she took the time to know the real me. This helped me pitch the idea that I have been to scared to roll off my tongue. Before speaking with her I wondered if my idea was “good enough.” She saw my passion and gave me support and new ways to present the topic! I am very grateful to of had the experience of working with Kristin.  Ally Elizabeth, Tulsa, OK

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