The Charities The Brazen Adventuress Endorses


Charity work and volunteering is a huge passion of mine. I am especially passionate about helping women in impoverished countries. The realities of what women’s lives are like in under developed countries really hit home for me when I was in Nepal. I was able to meet and see what it is like to be a woman in poverty in Nepal. The women I met typically had minimal rights towards education, marriage and employment. The other large issue that I am very passionate about is human trafficking of women and children. There is a HUGE issue with this in Nepal. There are very little options for women except having children and staying at home. There was so much hopelessness they feet towards their situation and what they feet that they could do as a woman. It especially struck me when we were trekking to the Everest Base Camp and we stopped at a hospital high up in the himalayas near Everest. There were women seven, eight months pregnant that had taken a day or more trek to this hospital because of a medical issue with their pregnancy. Now, I don’t know about you, but for all those women out there that have been pregnant, hiking or anything physically exerting was the last on my agenda. Probably trying to reduce the swelling of my feet was on the top of the list. I couldn’t imagine doing what these women HAD to do to make sure the baby would be healthy. Then when they reached the hospital, the care was minimal in comparison to what we have in developed countries. The experience was life changing for me. I KNEW I HAD to do something to help. Afterall, I had the resources to help. This is why I’m donating ten percent of all profits ot a nonprofit of your choice.Do something good today!


Here’s a little about each of the charity options


Save The Children Although this charity works with everyone, not just women and children, this is one of my personal favorite charities. 90% of their donations go to helping people in need. They are given a four star out of four for their performance as a charity. They reach 22.6 million children for their health work. They help 12.2 million children with education, 2.6 million for child protection, 7.1 million children in crisis, and 143,000 in the U.S programs.


Coalition Against Trafficking in Women- Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) works to end human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide. CATW is the world’s first organization to fight human trafficking internationally and is the world’s leading abolitionist organization. A unique strength of CATW is that we engage in advocacy, education, victim services and prevention programs for victims of trafficking and prostitution in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America, including in the United States. Since 1988, CATW has provided widely recognized leadership in promoting legislative, policy and educational measures to raise awareness about the root causes of human trafficking.


Pathfinder International-since 1957, Pathfinder International has maintained an unwavering belief in the right of women and families to have access to contraception and to quality reproductive health care. Pathfinder works in remote locations, under the most difficult conditions, serving the most vulnerable people. We collaborate with governments, NGOs, and community- and faith-based organizations to make contraception available and provide the quality care needed to ensure safe childbirth and healthy families. Working in countries with high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, we provide a continuum of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services and are expanding the integration of these services into reproductive health and family planning programs.


Need another reason to work together??


Because my business is all about helping fabulous women like you, gain a more purposeful life, it is my goal to help as many people as possible to live beautiful lives. I am doing this by donating ten percent of all my services towards charity for women and girls of your choice.You will receive a personal thank you and show you how you were able to help other women!