My Bucket List

    • Hike all 4000 footers in NH, because it’s my home.


  • Go back to Everest Base Camp, again and again and again. I love Nepal.



  • Pyramids in Egypt, obsessed would probably describe my fascination



  • Machu Picchu



  • Cruise to Antarctica, because EBC isn’t cold enough!



  • Learn to create a flower garden, basically I kill everything that grows.



  • Learn how to grow veggies and flowers from seeds



  • Explore the templar places in NE, totally engrossed in templar history



  • Write a book. Perhaps for Hay House. That would be awesome!



  • Have another child, yes even with the inevitable labor part.



  • Go ice climbing, because I evidently like being cold, not.



  • Go dogsledding, ok, so the dogs are cute, but still don’t like being cold.



  • See the northern lights



  • Take the Trans Siberian Railway



  • Explore the temples of Japan


  • Week retreat at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal


  • Start playing cello again. Let’s talk about Apocalyptica!


  • Learn how to make a proper meringue, because I could eat a complete lemon meringue pie by myself



  • Write an orchestra, because writing a novel isn’t enough



  • Daily trail walks with my son exploring the woods



  • Qualifying for the Boston Marathon. My father qualified and ran Boston the year I was born. Boston is literally in my blood.



  • Climb Kilimanjaro



  • Restart stone sculpture classes because I fell in love with Michaelangelo in the Agony and the Ecstacy and in Italy


  • Learn to do a handstand and backflip. It just looks cool and I want to be able to do one.



  • Learn arabic, because my husband is Moroccan


  • Learn Italian, because it is sexy, and who doesn’t want to be sexy!




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