What if I told you that everything you want, desire for you life is possible for you? You have everything thing you need inside of you to live the life you want. It's about believing in yourself! You can move past situations that aren't healthy for you and create the life you want to live. You have dreams, places you want to go, things you want to do that will make a big impact in your life and the world! It's time to go out and live the life you are meant for!

Welcome, I'm Kristin!  I'm here to help you believe that you have the ability to make ANYTHING you want in your life happen. This is where we create all the things you THOUGHT weren't possible and make happen. 

 I am a change maker for women ready to take life by the reigns and create the life that they've only dreamed about. This is about you living your life doing EXACTLY what you know deep down you are meant for.  Here's where we let go of all the areas of your life that are holding you back from living to your fullest potential. 

Kristin is a coach and therapist specializing in helping women create the real changes that they want to see in their lives. I have worked with hundreds of women and have thousands of clinical and coaching hours behind me. My passion lies in helping women really start living the life they know they are meant for. 

The decision to coach women grew out of a deep transformative experience I had years ago where I was challenged in who I was as a person and my capabilities. Through this challenge, I lost myself a little and started to have doubts about myself.                                                                                                            

It wasn't until my first baby, where I had time just with my family that I started to reflect on what was going on in my life. This reflection led me back to realizing that not everything was my fault, that I am a capable person and that most important, I was not a failure at life.                                                                             

This experience led my to become an even stronger, resilient and confident person. I now decide what my life is going to look like and what I am going to do with it. There are no more compromises on how I live. Everything I now do is to better myself so I can be better for everyone else in my life. 

This is your time to move into the possibilities for your life.  

It's time to throw away the fear, guilt, expectations that you have been living by

and start to live your life on your terms.

You have been brought here for a purpose.

It's time to live your purpose and make a big impact along the way!


                                                                                                                                                                  The things you think are impossible to make happen in your life are exactly the things you CAN make happen.      It's all about you believing in YOU! You can make anything you want happen in your life. You need to believe in      yourself and what you're capable of. 

It doesn't matter if you think you're too old, too overweight, busy, stressed. None of this matters. These are just ideas we place on ourselves that keep us from living to our greatest abilities and potential.

It's time to get back into the drivers seat of your life, decide on what you want your life to look like, and go get it! This is where you decide what YOU do in life. Nothing holding you back, no one telling you can't, no expectations from other's about what you should and shouldn't be doing in your life. 

This is your life. You have the ability to take control of it, and to make it however you want it to look. 

Everything you want for your life is right here waiting for you. It's your time to come and get it!

Your old impossible is now the new I'm possible!


Kristin is a true professional who knows her stuff! She helped offer valuable insight and was also a great sounding board. She not only has coaching experience to offer, but her years of experience in counseling her clients also helped add an additional layer and perspective most coaches don’t have. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares and is dedicated to helping her clients grow personally and professional then look no further! Lucia Nazarro, CT


                                  Are you ready to show yourself what you are capable of creating in your life?                                                                 You crave the confidence and energy to KNOW that you can live out dreams you                                                       never thought you could make happen. You know you are meant for big things in your life,                                                    and to make a big impact in the world at the same time. It's time to take your life by                                                                                             the reigns and make it one big epic adventure!                                                                    Your adventurous life starts right here!


          Here's where you start living life on your terms, creating the life you are meant to be living.                             

You are ready to step out of a life that is no longer lighting you up and step into a life that is chuck full of adventure, purpose and joy.

We take you from living a life where circumstances are just not working for you anymore and create the life you are meant to be living, now.

Do you ever wonder what else is possible for you in your life? Like you’re missing out on that big something that you are supposed to be doing in your life, but you don’t know exactly what that is? You just know that where you are right now isn’t working and that you have more to live for. You are ready to make that change to start creating the life and adventures that excite you, that gets your heart pumping. 

Sometimes we just need support and guidance on how to start creating a life we love. It does not need to be scary or overwhelming in making these changes. They can be done with ease without feeling like you are diving off a cliff into the unknown. Instead, you will feel alive, vibrant and excited for the changes you are making. 

This is about you having a deep knowing that what you are doing is completely aligned to the true meaning for your life. You feel completely secure in the decisions you make and how you choose to live your life. You are no longer allowing other's to dictate the choices you make and have walked away from people that are judgmental. You aren't threatened by other's opinions of how you should be living your life. You are now living your life with conviction, knowing that this is the path towards your higher good for everyone around you. 

The meaning you give to your life is the gift you are meant to be sharing with the world. Don't squash this gift. People need you, and they need your gift. The only way to do this is to get in alignment with what you are actually meant to be doing.



                                                     Client Love

I have been lucky enough to have spent some time with Kristin.

Before talking with Kristin, my business was feeling overwhelming to me, things were not working to how I had planned.
I was in a semi relationship, that was consuming me.
And my direction going forward was quite muddled.
Kristin has given me some great pointers to help me manage my confusing working/life balance. Relationship hurdle
and which direction to work towards.

1st thing which was needed was to look for one small thing to change at a time, this was brilliant advice, as I work through
this I am able to clear the stuff that absorbs my mind, that is blocking my business flow.
2nd listening to my gut, de clutter my mind of stresses I do not need to worry about.
3 – Show up for my clients – be there

With the time that I have spent with Kristin, has really helped me make some quite big changes and I have nearly done with the current decluttering of my mind, and I do feel I am back on track with my goals and direction on where I wan to take my business and personal life.

If you are in a place of not sure where you next step is, or if you are feeling overwhelmed with how your current life is progressing. I would definitely recommend that you arrange a time to talk with Kristin. Kristin has a beautiful nature and very easy to speak and open up to.

Nicki Malcolm, NZ


                                   Let's grab a virtual coffee, or tea and sit down together and figure out                                       how we can make the things you think are impossible for your life, possible.

Need another reason to work together??

Because my business is all about helping fabulous women like you, gain a more purposeful life, it is my goal to help as many people as possible to live beautiful lives. I am doing this by donating five percent of all my services towards charity for women and girls of your choice.You will receive a personal thank you to show you how you were able to help other women!